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A Bus Load of County Supervisors 

A bus load of County Supervisors were traveling to a rural part of their county to tour a newly constructed county dam paid for by economic stimulus dollars. As their bus rounded a sharp curve the young driver lost control and the bus began to skid; ultimately it skidded off the road and rolled down a hill.  Over and over it rolled until it came to rest on its side next to a large oak tree in the middle of a field. The farmer, who owned this land, witnessed the entire event from his front porch and he and his wife quickly jumped their pickup and drove over to investigate. Once on the scene, they immediately recognized many of the passengers on the bus as local elected officials. 

The next morning, at daybreak, the local Sheriff initiated a search to look for the missing County Supervisors.  Retracing the route the bus was to have taken he came upon some skid marks in the pavement. Stopping his car he got out to survey the area and quickly spotted the mangled wreckage lying on its side next to the oak tree. Noticing a  farmhouse across the field the Sheriff drove over where upon the farmer came out to greet him. 

The Sheriff asked the farmer “Did you see the accident?” “Sure did” replied the farmer “It was a terrible”. “Where are all the County Supervisors who were on that bus” asked the Sheriff. “My wife and I buried e’m out back last night.” replied the farmer replied. The Sheriff was stunned and stood in silence for several minutes, then finally he asked, “Were they ALL dead?”  “Well, some of e’m said they weren’t Sheriff, but you know how some of them County Supervisors lie“.

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